Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lazarus A.D and Bonded By Blood Live Report

First of all Chicken Shish and Chips must be had and then some! Pretty close t Islington Academy there's a nice junk food shop. He does a lovely Shish let me tell you!

Then it was off to the Academy 2 the smaller brother of the main venue. The attendance last night was pretty poor but the place barely holds 200 or so. I'd guess about 60-70 diehards turned up and I was one of 'em of course! Thrash or be damned!

Four bands were on the bill. First up were this heavy as lead groovy swamp monster band called Kill The Machine with a huge bloke on the mic bellowing away. Their riffs were drenched in mud and swaggered and grooved away like there's no tomorrow. They sounded a bit like Crowbar. They were ok for my taste but not that great but solid.

Next up was Abadden. I enjoyed their thrash throwback album from last year. T'was a good'un. They are a young looking energetic bunch and played rip roaring thrash. The sound didn't help them too much unfortunately. Lots of energy and mental head banging and a good response from the 5-6 man moshpit hehe! I didn't get into them that much for some reason. Better luck next time boys.

Next up were Hispanic LA crew Bonded By Blood, my main draw for tonight. They had a new frontman and a new bass player and the band seems improved all round. These guy are so fucking tight it hurts. They rip shred and groove like there's a fire in the house and they need to get out! The sound was crisper though not perfect which meant some of the more intricate and technical aspects of their riffing sometimes got lost in the mix.. These guys were still awesome though and got a good response from all the thrash diehards. This is the second time I've seen them and they just get better so hopefully their next album will be ever better still.

Finally it was time for Lazarus A.D. whose new album is so so for me. I like their previous album a lot but the new one has some modern groove elements which sit less well with me. The sound was ok though still a touch too loud and muddy for such a small venue. When these guys play fast I love it but when they groove and slow down it doesn't quite work for me. Their set was well played and pretty tight overall with a couple of stand out highlights that got some frenzied headbanging going on from most of the crowd. The lead singer and bassist thanked those who bothered to turn up profusely and got loud cheers in response. Lazarus A.D. were solid and got the job done on what is the first night of their European tour so I'm sure they'll get better and tighter as the tour goes on.

A cool underground thrash night with a small attendance but who cares cause you can't beat a dose of solid head banging thrash metal!

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