Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Forthcoming Gigs

Looks like I ain't gonna get anywhere near last year's personal record of 20 gigs that's for sure, but the second half of the year as always looks stronger than the first. Granted I've been a bit lazy in the first half and missed quite a few gigs that I would normally attend. I also missed Edguy having bought a ticket due to heavy snowfall. I just didn't the fuck fancy trekking through ice and snow just for some silly Germans! lol! So far I've been to the paltry sum of 3 gigs this year which is a pretty poor return for sure. I even missed Megadeth for fucks sake and i never ever miss them. The damn ticket was too expensive I'm sorry Dave there was a forclosure on my wallet! Maybe I'm getting too old and tired for this gigging game, it creeps up on the best of us believe me. Anyway I have bought some tickets to forthcoming gigs and also listing possibles for my attendance should I feel like it closer to the date.

Jon Oliva's Pain playing in full 'The Hall of the Mountain King': 15th Aug. This coming Sunday. Hate Sunday gigs. Hate'm. I'd like to see this maybe but i am not really fussed so I'll miss it. I saw Savatage before. Jon was huge. Only God knows how big he is now!

August 2012 -Zilch.

September 2012

Firewind & Leaves Eyes: London O2 Islington Academy 22nd - Ordered the ticket. Firewind never lets me down live. Leaves Eyes will be interesting although I don't like them. Love Liv though!

Dying Fetus & Cerebral Bore & Revocation & Job for a Cowboy: London Underworld 23rd - A possibility but not so excited. I like Dying Fetus though and I just wanna see the pits. Like Revocation a lot too. Comes the day after Firewind and 2 gigs is too much for this lightweight!

October 2012

Dragonforce & Alestorm & The Defiled & Cavorts: London Shepherd's Bush Empire 6th - Ordered the ticket. Gotta check the 'Force with the new boy. Alestorm was a riot last I saw them with Sabaton. The other two bands must be pure shite. Remind me to turn up late-ish!

Overkill & 3 Inches of Blood: London O2 Islington Academy 7th - The day after Dragonforce? Gig sounds good though. 3iob I've already seen this year and they killed it. Overkill I saw on the Ironbound tour and they tore the roof off. No ticket yet but possible however can I manage two gigs in two days!

Evile & Wolf:London Garage 28th - No ticket yet but definite possible. Evile have always kicked my ass badly every time I've seen them. Wolf is fun live too. Last time I saw them supporting Accept.

November 2012

London HMV Forum 7th - No ticket but maybe I'll give them a go possibly. Last time I saw Kamelot with Khan I was bored silly. Maybe I was in a bad mood or the sound was bad or the venue was super packed but I didn't enjoy it at all.

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody: London O2 Islington Academy 12th - What the fucking fuck! I ordered the ticket like in prehistoric times. I'm not gonna miss seeing Luca for the first time ever am I!

Nightwish: London O2 Brixton Academy 5th - You know I swore blind I would never see non Tarja Nightwish but blow me down I might go to see this cause the last album was really good after hating the initial album with Annette.

Sabaton:London HMV Forum 9th - As if I can ever miss Sabaton, Ticket bought!

Sodom:London Underworld 18th - Classic Teutonic thrash? It's a possible.

December 2012


Will be lucky to reach 10 gigs this year at this rate. I must be false metal!!!

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