Sunday, 4 November 2012

A visit to Fulham

With my Uncle here from the States, we visited Fulham to watch the match versus Everton. It finished 2-2 in the end. A decent game.

On the musical front I am going to be hellishly busy and tired as I have 4 gigs over the coming 7 days believe it or not. Mind you I wouldn't be going to a couple of the gigs barring nabbing cheap tickets on ebay late in the day.

Tomorrow I will see Nightwish, Wednesday Kamelot, Friday Sabaton and saving the best till last, for the first time ever I will see Luca's version of Rhapsody. Been wanting to see Luca since I first heard the band and it never happened until now. Ok so Fabio won't be singing but what the hell should be great.

Here are some photos from Fulham:

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