Thursday, 22 January 2015

Queen with Adam Lambert at the O2

I finally stumped up the big wedge to go to the O2 for this one. I wanted to see if the boy Lambert could cut the mustard live. Well to be honest, whilst he obviously ain't no Freddie, he was pretty bloody marvellous. The only thing I would say is that his voice was a bit too clean even at times. Some of their rockier songs need a touch more grit that Freddie was able to deliver to make them more manly sounding. Adam's voice lacked that slight rasp but he truly is a fantastic young showman and with time can become a true rock singer should he choose that direction. For the record the band played a packed out 20,000 crowd for two nights in a row. I attended the second night and it was hell of a lot of fun believe and well worth the money which was £60 and I was only 3 rows from the top of the highest tier. 

Adam doesn't sing the whole show by the way. Brain May sings a couple of tunes acoustically and Roger even sings These Are The Days of Our Lives. Brilliantly I might add. Overall it was worth the price although I was sitting in the Gods as you can see by the pictures below. Anyway young Mr Lambert, you proved you belong on that stage with these legends of English rock and then some! Oh and one more thing I have to mention - Brain May - what a brilliant melodic guitar player he still is. The man has fantastic feel on his leads and never ever overplays. And finally Roger Taylor's son is also in the band and covers the songs Roger can't play cause he's either singing or tired. I said and finally but I should point out the stage and light show throughout the more than 2 hour set was superb. Great laser work. Actually reminded me of a Jean Michel Jarre show. The best songs were Opener One Vision which was brilliantly rocking, Bohemian, Another one bites, I Want it All, Radio Gaga(amazing lasers in this song) and plenty more.

One Vision 
Stone Cold Crazy 
Another One Bites the Dust 
Fat Bottomed Girls 
In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited 
Seven Seas of Rhye 
Killer Queen 
I Want to Break Free 
Don't Stop Me Now 
Somebody to Love 
Love of My Life 
These Are the Days of Our Lives 
Bass Solo 
Drum Battle 
Under Pressure 
Save Me 
Who Wants to Live Forever 
Last Horizon 
(Brian May cover)
Guitar Solo 
Tie Your Mother Down 
I Want It All 
Radio Ga Ga 
Crazy Little Thing Called Love 
Bohemian Rhapsody 

We Will Rock You 
We Are the Champions 
God Save the Queen 

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