Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wolf Live Report at the Underworld

Sunday night gigs are never my favourite but I didn't want to miss Wolf this time as I'm a huge fan of their current album Devil Seed so a ticket was purchased with much glee on my part. Finding out that Primitai would be the main support was also also a pleasant surprise as I'm a huge fan of theirs as well.

First up were a band I haven't heard of called The Heretic Order. Not knowing a band's songs is always quite a big hindrance to enjoying a band's music in the live arena and it proved no different on this occasion either. They were competent and played a dark sort of melodic death with cleanish vocals as well. They were some sort of satanic band or occult band as well. Playing a cover of Mercyful Fate's Black Funeral should reflect what angle they were coming from. Not a disaster.

Next were local Brit heroes Primitai. Second time seeing them although the first time was in the tiny Our Black Heart pub, this was a much better venue for them to flex their not inconsiderable muscle. Front man Guy Miller has a really powerful voice and showcased that to great effect. They played songs from all three of their albums but I only came on board with the latest CD. The earlier songs are ok but they don't do a huge deal for me. I was a bit bummed they didn't play more newer songs but ending with Scream When You See Us go the metallic juices flowing nicely. A good direct support to the Swedes make no mistake and a band that went down pretty well to the gathered 200 or so crowd.

Finally the roadies got the stage ready and the Wolf boys strode on and launched straight into Overture in C Shark before smashing headlong into the amazingly raging Shark Attack. Whilst the guitars were set to stun I unfortunately couldn't hear a single vocal from the right of the stage in the front row. I was hoping this would be a first song problem but alas it seemed to continue. When the guitars were pumping the vocals could barely be heard. This was the last night of the tour so I don't know if Niklas was having vocal issues or not but I could barely hear a word he was singing at times which dampened my enjoyment somewhat.

Musically speaking the band were spot on. The riffing was taut and precise with a lovely thick and crisp Underworld sound. They played a mix of tunes covering recent albums and going as far back as the brilliant Evil Star and Black Wings. I enjoyed the guitar interplay and fast riffs of songs like Genocide and the epic chorus of the mighty Evil Star immensely. I enjoyed the new songs most of though as they are the ones I am most familiar with at the moment. My Demon is just a wickedly catchy mid paced tune. Killing Floor is awesome as well with a chorus made to be sung out loud. The band sounded very tight indeed it's just a shame that from my vantage point I found the vocals almost inaudible at times though I don't quite know what the issue was in the end.

The singer Niklas is quite an engaging little dude with quite humorous stage banter, as I find with most Swedes, although some of their humour doesn't always translate so well to an English audience hehe. The guy is a wiry little whipper snapper as well when he takes his top off and you see he hasn't got an ounce extra on him as he's riffing and head banging away like a maniac. Wolf are quite an interesting band to watch and enjoy themselves thoroughly whilst on stage as well.

Overall a night of true metal goodness and riffs galore from all 3 bands. Wolf is a band I will catch again no doubt when they come calling this way once more. I am sure they are capable of much more on another night when the vocals are a bit better and more audible with the band firing on all cylinders.

Overture in C Shark
Shark Attack
The Bite
Skeleton Woman
My Demon
Night Stalker
Evil Star
Hail Caesar
I Will Kill Again
Full Moon Possession
Skull Crusher

Speed On
Killing Floor

The Heretic Order



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