Friday, 6 March 2015

Death to All live at the Underworld

The Death to All tribute gig was actually down graded from the Ballroom down the road to the smaller Underworld. As it turns out that was probably a wise move. Although I should point out that when the tour came here last they played the Forum and that's a 1000 plus venue so maybe ticket sales went a bit less good this time. Anyhow the Underworld was pretty solid and probably at close to capacity so probably around 400 or so.

There were a couple of support bands first. Loudblast the French tech deathsters were up first and they started off a bit mundane. Maybe they were playing new songs. The only album of theirs I like is Sublime Dementia. They sound a lot like Spiritual healing era Death on that album so an apt support act. They played Presumption from that album and it's a great tune. But they didn't play the awesome Subject to Spirit. Not bad but not great really.

Next up were Abysmal Dawn. These guys were not really my cuppa at all. I couldn't get a handle on any of their songs to be honest. I think I mostly feel the same about them on record if I remember correctly. They are more brutal and punishing than Death so not really a similar band at all. Not terrible but rather boring in the end and I couldn't really enjoy any of their tunes to be honest.

Finally it was time for Death to All and the crowd was super excited to hear them now. This line up consisted of Max Phelps on vocals and guitar and DiGiorgio on bass from the last DTA line up but with two new additions in Bobby Koelble from the Symbolic album and drum God Gene Hoglan. I must admit this line up sounded a bit better to me than the previous line up with Masvidal and Reinert.DiGiorgio's bass didn't distort at all like most bass usually does at the Underworld. The set list was flawless as well with a cool mix of old and new shit. Of course there's always a couple of tunes I would have liked like Flesh and the Power It Holds but damn every song was fucking magic. What a legacy of awe inspiring songs Chuck has left us. And thanks to the organisers of DTA for keeping Chuck's music alive with this awesome touring band. I hope they continue going and come to these parts again as their performance is legendary.

Steffen from Obscura took over from Max on 3 songs late in the set and to be honest those three songs were amazing and the spirit of Chuck flowed long and hard through those songs. Highlights of the night for me were Symbolic, Without Judgement, Zero Tolerance and the completely amazing Bite The Pain. There wasn't a wasted note although the night was slightly hindered by technical difficulties with Bobby's guitar which meant the night ended about 20 minutes after curfew but I don't think any one was complaining. What a gig this was. Death lives on with DTA and long may it continue!

The Philosopher
Leprosy / Left to Die
Suicide Machine
Overactive Imagination
Trapped in a Corner
1,000 Eyes
Without Judgement
Spiritual Healing / Within the Mind
Flattening of Emotions
Lack of Comprehension
Symbolic (with Steffen Kummerer)
Zero Tolerance (with Steffen Kummerer)
Bite the Pain (with Steffen Kummerer)
Zombie Ritual / Baptized in Blood
Crystal Mountain
Pull the Plug

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