Monday, 30 March 2015

Evile live at the Underworld

It must be a couple of years since I've seen Evile play and the last time was crazy and so it proved to be again on Saturday night as they lay sieged to the Underworld. Speaking of laying Siege, that also happened to be the name of the opening band on the 3 band bill. Now the lame has me thinking cool thrashy things but the reality is somewhat different. These youngsters are from the djentcore scene. Their riffs are fat and djentrified in that typical stop starty feel whilst the singer bellows like a demon over the top. People seemed to enjoy them but they were not my cup oif tea at all. It's just not the type of metal an "older" fogie like me is into. Notice I didn't say old! Lay Siege finished their 30 minute set of pulverising, grooving metal and got a fair reception but I was like whatever let's see what the next band Reverted can do.

I had actually gone to the trouble of checking Reverted out on youtube beforehand so I had some idea how they sounded but I wasn't overly impressed with them to be honest so I was waiting for them to fail again. I was wrong actually. They sounded very tight live with their slightly technical brand of groovy metal coming across very well. They don't really ever speed up too much, preferring to punch you in the face with jack hammer grooves led ably by the very animated drummer. That guy was literally awash with sweat by the end of their set. Their front man had a very super cool poser haircut but we'll forgive him his wonderful locks this time. He was engaging well with the crowd. Definitely an interesting band with a lot of guitar and drum chops and a little bit different than the average band thanks to quirkier song writing. At least way better than Lay Siege anyway for my tastes.

Finally at 8.40pm on the dot, for a curfew of 10pm existed for tonight, the Evile boys took to the stage and soon the Underworld floor was bedlam. I was pretty close to the stage but there was no hope for me in that position if I wanted to take a few photos. I just had to beat a hasty retreat to the side and let the youngsters have their fun. The Evile guys sounded super tight and the usual fantastic Underworld sound was in full force and effect as the band including new guitarist Piers sounded on shit hot form. The rather large 300 strong Saturday night crowd was lapping up every single note from the guys with numerous stage divers raining down on the front rows. The band played songs from all their albums but concentrating in the main on latest album Skull which was fine by me. The track Underworld with it's awesome break riff had the place going nuts as did the title track. From the old tunes Enter The Grave from the first album always gets a massive response.

They finished at 9.55pm with just five minutes before the curfew before the lights went up and the Underworld floor could be seen and let me tell you it was the wettest I have ever seen it. The place was awash with sweat and beer and God knows what else! Lol gotta love thrash shows and the energy people leave behind. Evile are probably the Uk's best thrash band and never disappoint live that's for sure. Roll on the next album I say!

Words of the Dead
Enter the Grave
What You Become
Head Of The Demon
The Naked Sun
Infected Nation

New Truths Old Lies

Lay Siege



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