Sunday, 26 March 2017

As Lions Live Report

As Lions is the new vehicle for Austin Dickinson, yes his dad is Bruce in case any one reading this didn't know. His previous band was Rise To Remain and they were a melodic metalcore band. They've fully abandoned that style for a streamlined melodic modern rock motif and they are all the better for it. Of course you might lose the metalcore kids but you'll gain a whole heap of new fans that need melodic hooks in their music. Their new album has some excellent melodic song writing and very solid vocals from Austin himself although he does sound a bit boyish at times.

Two support bands were billed. First was Shadows Into Light. never heard of them obviously. The singer was on the main floor the whole time whilst singing. Sometimes rolling around on the floor in anguish as the band remained on stage. Not knowing their songs proved a bit difficult enjoyment wise but this kind of post grunge angst isn't really my cup of tea.

Main support were Brutai. They've been making a few waves in the underground with their brand of melodic modern metal. They mix vocals from screams to cleans and use stop start djenty riffs and dreamy keyboard swathes as well. They went down a bit better but still this is not the kind of music and old man like me can get into. I need stronger vocal melodies and memorability and was waiting for As Lions to provide that for me.

Finally Austin and the boys came on and launched into opening cut from their new album Selfish Age. The crowd had filled out a little more to a respectable 100 or so by now and so the As Lions fan club was in full show and effect as they sang all the words back at Austin. Of course they played the whole of their debut album in random order plus the EP. The set wasn't long but the album is not long as a whole as most of their songs are radio friendly lengths. Austin sounded very good for the most part but he was sick apparently. The band sounds good but not as amazing as they do on the cd.

Austin himself can't quite capture the perfect melodic vibe that he does on record but the crowd was loving it anyway and Austin has quite a few of his dad's mannerisms with his animated stage presence. He's definitely a confident lad. Selfish Age is a great start for the band too and the next album should be something even bigger and grander. best songs were Aftermath, White Flags, World on Fire and Selfish Age.

One thing I will say though is that Austin needs to cut out the OTT swearing on stage. It's not that cool to drop regular F Bombs like it's going out of style. The album is great but live they have room for improvement but I'll still be playing these songs come the end of the year, they are that good.

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