Sunday, 26 March 2017

Battle Beast Live Report

My third time seeing the mighty Battle Beast but the first as headliner. Of course they were here to promote their fantastic new album, bringer of Pain. Sadly I missed them last time they came due to gig overload as I recall but I wasn't going to make that mistake again. Seeing the great Majesty listed as supported also proved another draw as if I needed one.

Initial support was provided by Japanese 3 piece Gyze. I hadn't really heard of them but new that they were described as a shreddy melodeath act. And yes they lived up to that billing. They were also the thinnest band I have ever seen. Each member had barely an extra ounce on them, You notice these things when you're trying to lose weight yourself!

Anyway these guys played neo-classical melodic shred with raspy high pitched vocals with a strong Japanese accent. The guitarist is a wiry little dude and played a mean solo or 6! They sounded like very early Bodom but with more neo-classical leanings. Vocals sounded like Alexi but even higher pitched. They were ok and the crowd seemed to enjoy them but all their songs sounded pretty them same. Once you've heard one you've heard them all basically. Might check their album out when it's finally released.

There was a 10pm curfew on the Underworld as it's a club night at 11 so everything was shifted forward an hour. The turn around between bands was some of the fastest I have seen. Barely 15 minutes between Gyze's 30 minute set and Majesty's 50 or so minutes.

Last time Majesty played here the gig was a bit of a shambles. Tarek was very sick, they arrived late and played to barely 30 people! This time around it was much better in every way. The Friday night crowd was filling up nicely past the 300 mark I would guess. The true metallers were out in force and it helped no end that Rebels is probably the best Majesty album every released. Tarek is a funny true metal front man. He may not have the best and most amazing voice ever but just like Joakim does with Sabaton, he knows how to lead a band and make them sound convincing. Majesty sounded epic and the new songs were mighty and glorious with huge sing along anthem after anthem bellowed back at Tarek by those at the front. They must've been genuinely happy after the disaster gig last time they played.

The new songs sound fantastic too and are blessed with majestic goose bump choruses galore. Special mention for the great Manowaresque ballad Across the Lightning. Sung perfectly by Tarek and everyone else. the galloping true metal parts were also fun as always. Special mention for Yolo HM, the funniest and by far cheesiest song of the night with mass singalong by near enough everyone. Manowar maybe dust but never fear we still have Majesty! Hail!

Path to Freedom
Die Like Kings
Hail to Majesty
The Final War
Yolo Hm
Across the Lightning
Metal Law
Heroes in the Night
Thunder Rider
Rebels of Our Time
Fighting Till the End

Finally at 8.30pm on the dot the Battle Beast crew took to their spots as the intro played and we awaited the Battle Bitch herself to lay waste. The crowd had reached it's maximum of probably around 350 and the excitement was obvious on the faces of many as the band launched fiercely into opener Straight to the Heart. Noora looked and sounded magnificent with her battle bitch make up and gear on. The chorus of that song is just superb and was sung back at Noora as loud as possible. You could see by the faces of the band that they were a bit shocked how fervent the support was from the floor.

They wasted no time in launching into the heavy title track Bringer of Pain and Noora once again was screaming her lungs out like a banshee. Her live vocals are something else. You think she's good on record? Well you ain't see nothing until you hear her live. She's truly one of the best powerhouse singers in all of metal today. The gal has a feisty attitude as well as she prowls the stage like a howling leather skinned temptress stalking her prey!

The rest of the band are also full of smiles and give the horns as they head bang away. The bassist is a funny guy and leads the cheerleading a fair bit on stage. Sometimes some Finnish based humour as well which maybe doesn't quite travel that well! He thanked the Brits for giving the world Maiden and Priest but then said we're also responsible for Asking Alexandria so fuck us!

The awesome Into The Heart of danger sounded fantastic as did the powerhouse Let It Roar with it's monster stomp. Black Ninja is a staple of their set as Noora did her best karate moves whilst singing flawlessly. The ballad far From heaven was sung flawlessly again and it really showed her magnificent live vocal abilities to perfection.

Bastard Son of Odin was another massive highlight from the new album before the main set ended with Out of Control. A great main set but more followed with the encore which featured a hilarious mass sing along to Last Xmas from Wham. The bassist instigated that one again and it was hilarious indeed. King for a Day again induced near hysteria from the floor with it's wonderful funky riffs and monster chorus. The set ended with the powerful Beyond the Burning Skies after which the crowd was truly pumped as was the band as they were cheered to the rafters.

As Noora said this was a proper heavy metal party and then some. Everyone had a smile on their face and was enjoying the bands on stage and singing along as much as they could. Noora proved that she is the Queen of true metal vocals and maybe one day someone will try and poach her to sing in a bigger band who knows. She can do literally any kind of metal vocals and sound amazing. If you get a chance to see Battle Beast one day, make sure you do it or you'll be missing out on a hell of a party!

Straight to the Heart
Bringer of Pain
Familiar Hell
Into the Heart of Danger
We Will Fight
Let It Roar
Black Ninja
Far from Heaven
Lost in Wars
Iron Hand
Touch in the Night
Bastard Son of Odin
Enter the Metal World
Out of Control

Last Christmas
(Wham! cover) (Eero and audience on vocals)
King for a Day
Beyond the Burning Skies

Top Gun Anthem
(Harold Faltermeyer song)

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