Saturday, 14 February 2009

Lordi! Lordi! Lordi!

Went to see the Finnish rockmonstars for the first time on Thursday night and they did not dissapoint at all! I have been a fan of theirs for some time now and I managed to miss them last time they came to these shores, hence this opportunity was not one I was going to let go.

First we had two support bands. I didn't catch the name of the first band. They were like a mix of Marlyn Manson and some industrial glam band. They had this girl dancer on stage with them and she was real hot stuff. I thought I'd gone to Raymond's Revue Bar by accident rather than a rock gig! She was gyrating her assets mighty well through out their set. For the record I think the band sucked badly. I am just not into that type of music.

Sweden's Fatal Smile were up next and whilst they are a little more palatable for me than the first band I still couldn't get into them. They bascically want to be Sweden's answer to Motley Crue very damn badly. It worked up to a point and plenty of the crowd enjoyed them maybe but I was pretty bored by their average songs. They had big shout out choruses but the lack of melody was a big turn off for me personally. Anyway I would guess that almost all of the rather large crowd were here for Lordi and them alone.

They sauntered on at around 9.30 or so and bang they went straight into a couple of new tracks off the latest Deadache album which has actually taken it's time to grow on me. But live, I must admit the band are just hellishly fun. Mr. Lordi's vocals were perfect and the band is tight as hell, even playing through the thick weighty monster get up. Song after song the band played damn well with a fun approach. The sound was absolutely crystal clear throughout their set and I enjoyed it immensely. The songs themselves are seriously catchy and bouncy, with Mr Lordi leading the crowd with his funny hand gestures whilst the other members strut around acting ghoulish and no doubt grinning like maniacs underneath their masks. I must admit I enjoyed the stage props in between the songs. Yes it was very cheesy but I didn't expect this. I just thought they would sing the songs but they actually go to some trouble to create some macbre and gruesome though obviously tongue in cheek fun for the audience. I bet if they did a Halloween gig that would be something special and they could really go overboard.

I can't remember a set list exactly but all the hits were present and correct including my favourite Would you love a monsterman? The set of course ended with their Eurovision winning crowning glory, Hard Rock Hallelujah with every one belting out the chorus.

The Finnish monsters are just a lot of damn fun. Don't take it too seriously and enjoy the great catchy songs. High recommended for any rock/metal fan to see at least once.

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