Sunday, 1 February 2009

Got 3 gig tickets

Got 3 tickets for forthcoming gigs. Lordi, Hammerfall and Hardcore Superstar. The Hammerfall support is the almighty Sabaton who are of course my favourite active power metal band in the world today. What a night that will be indeed. Before then of course I have Lordi for the first time and then Priest Feast at Wembley Arena. I saw Hardcore Superstar at the ULU last year and they rocked damn hard. Therefore the return gig is well worth attending again cause they went down an absolute storm. They are one of the best exponents of modern glam rock that I've ever heard. I don't normally like Glam but Hardcore Superstar are hard to resist.

The Scousers beat the Chelsea 2-0. United sneaked past Everton 1-0 last night so the pressure was on both teams today and the game was heading for a 0-0 stalemate until a Torres double secured all 3 points for the lucky Scousers. The ref made a monumental howler in sending off Fat Frank and even so the game was heading for a no score draw until the 88th minute. I guess that's why the game lasts 90 minutes and the added time. The Chelscum will feel very hard done by though and I get the feeling Fat Frank's red card will be rescinded. It was a truly disbolical decision and laughable. Anyway a draw would have been a perfect result for United but I guess if we win the game in hand we will still be 5 points clear and that's a nice lead at this stage.

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