Saturday, 31 January 2009


The new Cannibal Corpse is kicking my fat arse badly. First Place Vendome and now the Corpse with their monstrous new album. You can see I like anything. The new Corpse long player is seriously brutal and still catchy as all hell. There are grooves on that thing heavy enough to move mountains.

The new Dark Moor CD is great. It is the CD that Rhapsody should have made instead of their last album which was very dissapointing indeed being far too slow. Dark Moor's new opus is pure symphonic magic with great orchestral swathes. Really enjoyable stuff indeed.

Man City have just lost to Stoke and Stoke were down to ten men. Man City in complete disarray at the moment. Absolute shambles. All that money and they play like a complete bunch of wankers. Makes you laugh really. United go marching on although we have a tough game against Everton later on which we must win to put the pressure on Chelsea and Liverpool who battle it out tomorrow.

My bets are doing really badly. I won a bit last week and then lost it all again. Useless. I am trying again today and hoping for a win of some description. No gigs on the horizon till Priest Feast at Wembley. Hate Eternal play tomorrow night but damn they're boring. I just can't get into them at all. Aeon supports and I really like them but I'm not venturing forth just for them plus it's freezing! Might go to Lordi on the 12th just for a laugh to see how they sound live and how they play their instruments with all that crap on plus they are pretty cool anyway.

Will go to the pub later to watch the footie. Hopefully not to drown my sorrows!

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