Sunday, 11 January 2009

Edguy Gig Report

Well the first gig of 2009 is safely under my belt and it was a good one!

Heat were absolutely amazing to tell the truth. What a band! Only played 30 minutes or so and it was all over far too quickly. Kenny, their real singer was back from his operation and the band is just amazingly tight and was blessed with a great sound thankfully. What songs they have! I would love to see them do a full set if possible with the whole CD and some covers one day soon.

Andre Matos was great actually. Only problem was that he had the worst sound of the night. Couldn't even hear his vocals a lot of the time. The songs were good, especially the Angra ones and the band though looking like a bunch of mexican bandits were very tight and pretty heavy. And who doesn't love the Journey cover Separate Ways. I liked them a lot all in all.

For Edguy I moved away from the front area that I occupied for the first two bands. I attended this gig mainly for Heat and Matos. Edguy were good though and this was the second time I had seen them. The sound was good most of the time being punchy and pretty clear. Tobi was Tobi. Doing his typical Germanic toilet humour at times and always the consumate pro vocal wise. They were entertaining indeed. Could have done without the lame drum solo but I guess poor Tobi needs a rest mid gig every night. They played a variety of songs concentrating mainly on the midpaced heavier songs with a few speedy songs mixed in to keep the old fans happy although a little begrudgingly, as Tobi mentioned that people should take Edguy for what they are now and stop telling them to write fast shit all the time. Here's one for you Tobes...WRITE SOME FAST SHIT NEXT TIME!!!!

Fun night and worth it for 30 minutes of Heat alone. What a band!I hope to see them again soon some day. Thanks for coming this time.

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