Saturday, 24 January 2009

The first magical CD from 2009 has arrived

Well it had to happen sooner or later and finally one has lent one's ears to the much anticipated Place Vendome disk, Streets of Fire. To say that I was blown away would be an understatement of monumental proportions! This is the mother of all AOR disks of recent times. This disk is absolute perfection. I cannot find one millisecond of boredom on this album and I look forward to many repeated plays in the days and months to come.

The first Place Vendome disk was already great, but the new one is really something special indeed. The production is top notch as expected but you have to have the tunes and despite the songs being written by a number of different melodic rock song writers, the quality never wains for even a second. You will have noticed I haven't mentioned the vocals yet. I think this effort by Herr Kiske is just out of this world. This guy is just born to sing Melodic Rock/AOR!!! What a voice this man has and what wonderful melodies he sings. Amazing. I can't even say I have a favourite song as of yet but after 2 plays I am still digesting it. All I can say is that I enjoyed every single second and the album was over in a flash.

Thank you Frontiers Records for creating this project and persuading Kiske to sing on it. This is a pure masterpiece of melodic rock/AOR bliss. I look forward to getting hold of the original CD when it's officially released.

On another note, United just beat Spuds 2-1 in the Cup. First of our cup meetings with the spuddies of White Hart Lane is under our belt. They took the lead but did fuck all afterwards and United strolled to a win. Roll on the Carling cup final and another beating for them I hope. Of course there are more important league games to worry about before then, like West Brom away midweek. Exciting days and nights ahead.

Ronaldo's just not having a great season this year and I hope he has a much better second half of the season. Good job that some of the players are coming into their own and we are not really a one man team anymore.

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