Monday, 19 January 2009

Shinedown gig

Off to see the almighty Shinedown on Wednesday down at the Islington Academy again. Seem to be visiting that place more and more these days and since the demise of the Astoria, the visits will only increase. Anyway I am looking forward to this gig immensely - it should be a corker. The Sound of Madness is an amazing CD and I can't wait to finally catch these guys live. I have been reading one or two remours that they are perhaps not as good live as they are on plastic. We will see.

On another note, the new Place Vendome is out soon. Should be a cracker and no doubt my first big favourite of 2009, when I finally get round to playing it. The self titled debut was a great disk with Kiske sounding brilliant. Liverpool just got held 1-1 by Everton at home. Nice one Timmy Cahill. Great result for United that and now with a victory in the game in hand United will be 3 points clear at the top with level games. Long, long way to go no doubt but United are on the march to glory again...

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