Thursday, 26 February 2009

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More CDs up for auction. Check it out.

Also the next gig is Sunday. Hammerfall, Sabaton and Bullet. What a bloody great night it is going to be! Pure power metal cheese - love it!


Dark said...

Hey Pirage my old friend, remember me from the old days of power metal on the terrorizer forum? well I should be over in London to see Hammerfall and would like to try and hook up with you man. would be cool to finally see you. if you read this, then give me a txt at: 00353872758580 (yup, it's an irish number). and we can bang some heads. cheers!!
ps. cool blog by the way!

Dark said...

By the way, you probably remember me as Dagon, or Colin. Also posted in powerzone a bit.

Pirage said...

hey man, Long time! You're still into metal eh.

I will be there at Hammerfall and catch up with you. I will send you a txt Colin. Will be good to see you.
I will be that fat bald one! hahaha!

Mind you there's always loads of those at metal gigs! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pirage,
I hope that I am talking to the right person. Are you Bahman and Lili's son?
Your mom and mine were very close childhood friends and lost contact more than thirty years ago. At any rate if you are the one please email me at
and my apologies if I am off the mark!