Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ordered 3 CDs

Sometimes you just can't resist pressing that proceed button on these online shopping sites!

Got 3 CDs on the way. Crash the System is a new one and it's simply a great new band from Sweden with four of the best singers to ever hold a mic, from this famed land for rock and metal. The two men behind the project Daniel Flores and Sören Kronqvist are legends of the melodic rock/aor style and boy have they delivered big time. Just a great album, chock full of magical melodic rock/aor tunes. The singers in question are Goran Edman, Mats Leven, Tommy Vikstrom and Bjorn Janssen and each gets to sing 2-3 songs each. I like the songs from Vikstrom bets of all, the guy is just a legend.

The other two albums I ordered are no lesser lights either, namely being the Praying Mantis masterpiece Sanctuary and Jorn's new CD, Spirit Black. Both are absolutely great stuff if you ask me with slight preference for the Praying Mantis which is just a great and huge come back effort. Speaking of the old Mantis boys, I bought a ticket for their gig at the Purple Turtle on the 5th of August in a couple of weeks. Will be cool to see these all time legends of early NWOBHM/AOR. I hope they play loads from the new album as well and not just the older songs as I don't know them that well. Should be good either way and the ticket was dirt cheap at only £5. Can't go wrong there can you..

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