Saturday, 25 July 2009

Wembley Cup

Well me an my mate Sep saw two games at the Wembley Cup. The matches themselves weren't spectacularly brilliant or anything but it was good to finally see the new Wembley being used for what it was built for. First game turned out to be a bit of a mismatch to be honest. Celtic beat these Egyptian muppets 5-0 which was a little unexpected in my book. I think these egyptians probably just came for the ride or the exposure but they didn't exactly cover themselves in glory.

The second game was more competitive and finally ended in a 1-1 draw with Spurs and Barcelona. Barca had hardly any of their stars playing at all, but they still showed they have a great reserve side with slick passing and movement. Spurs were a little laboured but eventually got a luckyish set piece equaliser and went close to actually winning it in the end.

Wembley is a great stadium no doubt about it but the service for food is rather on the slow and incompetent side to say the least. Having queued for 30 minutes for food we were then informed that the food would take another 10-15 minutes to arrive which would mean it's too close to kick off and so we gave it a miss. Definitely a spanner in the works there somewhere. They should have the food ready and waiting or at least give some idea to people in the queue that they will have to wait even longer once they get to the front.

Anyway it wasn't a bad old night. We had a good view of the pitch and the weather behaved itself more or less apart from one brisk deluge.

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