Sunday, 30 August 2009

Final Bank Holiday of 2009

Well it's Sunday morning and we've had the first day of the long weekend. It wasn't a great day yesterday at all as I lost a fair whack on the football. Ipswich being the main culprits with their inability to score against 10 man Preston for the whole of the second half. Frigging Tractor boys! Anyway I guess I just need to slow down a bit. It's very hard to win on football and you need loads of luck. I actually got some money back from my HT/FT bet of Arsenal to lead at HT and United to win by FT at 22/1 but I only had a measly pound on it! D'oh! Every time I bet small I win, and big bets always lose.

On the metal front well been getting a little excited for the new Megadeth cd. The four leaked tracks are crushers and one of them is even called Head Crusher so there you go. I ordered it from HMV along with the new Evile. I downloaded the new Evile and it's a blast of a heavy thrash record. It's got real balls that album has. These Northern Brit thrash merchants have really stepped it up after the merely respectable debut. This time the power and vibe is immense making for a great metal album with power to spare. So I look forward to those two bad boys arriving.

Another thrash band which perked me up was Savage Messiah also from these shores. These guys are similar to Evile in many ways, playing killer riffs that soon get your bonce nodding hysterically. They are supposed to have a new album out sometime and I look forward to it. Savage Messiah Myspace

On the death metal front, the new Vader album is a monstrous release. I was crushed by the sheer force of this release when I first heard it. This is how death metal should be played. Massive sound, massive riffs, everything set to maximum carnage and one of the best voices in all of death metal. Great and legendary band Vader are and this could possibly be their finest hour almost.

Another death metal band worth checking out is Punish and their new album Raptus. These guys riff like there's no tomorrow and play with total abandon at times, laying waste to all who stand in their way. The production is also great which makes it all the more potent. I hate it when some bands have good instrumental skills but are let down sonically by a lacklustre sound which makes it really quite difficult to actually play their music. Punish Myspace

Other albums I'm enjoying lately are Danger Danger's Revolve of course which I've mentioned earlier. It's just a great rock album and I will buy it eventually. The new House of Lords is starting to work it's magic on me though I'm not sure that I will like it as much as Come to my Kingdom yet which is an album I adore. Must admit though that the sound is much better on Cartesian Dreams than it's predecessor.

The new U.D.O. CD is fun. I'm no huge fan of the legendary udo's vocals but the new album is really catchy and impressive and made it into my faves of 2009 folders. The new album from "God botherers" Narnia is also excellent stuff and a bit of a departure for them. Not much mention of the good Lord this time and a change of musical style to more heavier Metallica waters and no longer neo-classical. Still if the songs are there that's all that matters and they sure are there on the latest Narnia long player.

Well that's about it really. 2 more days off. The weather is not bad outside though not that warm though tomorrow is due to warm up a little which will be nice. However the last bank holiday of the year is always a bit of a turning point in the year as we head towards autumn and winter. September is not a bad old month normally and we should still have some decent days although the temperatures will obviously have the edge taken off them.

I am going to try and win some of my money back from yesterday's disasters though I am only betting small today. I might get lucky or as usual not! Tankard and Alestorm gigs coming soon but still not sure if I'm gonna go to either. We'll see!

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