Saturday, 15 August 2009

U2 Live report

Wow! That was one of the most spectacular stage shows I have ever seen at a live concert. Of course when you're U2 you can afford to splash the dollar and boy have they splashed it hard. The alien spiderclaw thingy that greets you as you enter Wembley is really something else. It's absolutely massive and really stunning to look at and once they get the light show going you're pretty bedazzled by sound and visual pyrotechnics. I don't have really a lot to say about their performance as a band not being an uber fan or anything, but it's safe to say that U2 are a well oiled machine these days and have their fans eating out of their hands.

The sound was pretty good all night, The Edge does his usual jungly jangly reverb filled guitar lines and Bono does his wailing. The best moments of the night were the songs, Where the Streets Have No Name, Sunday Bloody Sunday and the huge singalong with the whole of Wembley belting out the In the Name of Love. I am glad I witnessed this pretty spectacular and over the top show last night, makes me feel like going again tonight as they are playing again. Alas I think I'll settle for the one night...

U2 are definitely the biggest and most anthemic rock band the world has ever seen in modern times....and the richest! Check the photos below.

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