Saturday, 22 August 2009

Shafted Wigan!

Well that was a massive turnaround! It was looking a bit dodgy at HT against Wigan but I dunno what Fergie said to'em, but it obviously worked and we end up scoring five to make up for the Burnley debacle. Not bad eh, well done lads and now for Arsenal next week. Should be a cracker as it normally always is against Arsenal.

On the musical front I played a great new melodic rock album today. Namely the new Danger Danger album Revolve. This album is chock full of cracking tunes with the best ever performance I have ever heard from Ted Poley. I am not the biggest fan of Ted's slightly whiny vocals but he turns in a marvellous performance on this album with some magical choruses to enjoy and none better than Hearts on the Highway, which is just a glorious tune that only a deaf fool would not enjoy! Welcome back DD and Ted!

No gigs on the Horizon although Tankard and Alestorm are playing in consecutive days early next month and I may possibly shift my ass to at least one of them, don't know which yet.

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