Sunday, 7 December 2014

Slash Live at Wembley Arena

Not being a big Guns or Slash fan I was rather surprised at myself for nabbing a ticket for this show but what the hell I went for it anyway. The Arena was rather packed to say the least for this Tuesday night gig. The new Slash album is admittedly rather good if a little patchy as there are just too many songs on it. If he had picked the best 12 it would have been a real ace of melodic rock/metal in 2014.

There were two support bands to get through and unfortunately I didn't like either. First one I don't even know and the second was California Breed led by Glenn Hughes. I like Glenn's vocals but unfortunately I missed their set completely as I don't like the band so I took the chance to mill around and drink a beer or two in the bar until it was time for Slash and co to take the stage at approximately 8.50pm as I noted.

The band broke into songs from the older Slash album first which I didn't recognise to be honest but the band sounded tight and Myles was straight away in fine voice. That guy has a sweet larynx indeed with a cool high pitched tone. Slash has picked a good'un there. The first song I recognised was Night train from GnR which I don't really even remember from way back but it was cool. World on Fire and started playing a couple of tracks from it. I was hoping for Withered Delilah but it wasn't to be. Still the title track was aired and ripped hard.

Of course most of the packed Arena were here for the GnR songs and eventually they got their wish. The band sounded very good and the sound in the Arena was pretty perfect. The bassist in the band took over for two songs from Myles and he had a pretty good voice as well and it was more or less seamless in the transition between the two singers. I was thinking they would play Welcome to the Jungle but they held that one back though I don't quite know why. It's probably my fave GnR song. Slash's solo spot was a bit excruciatingly long to be honest and was starting to really send me to sleep before it finally ended. The band played a long time so the crowd got their money's worth for sure. The band ended with a rousing and hugely cheered Paradise City to send the punters home happy. An ok but not brilliant gig and at least I've seen a GnR alumni at least one in my life.

You're a Lie
(Guns N’ Roses cover)
Standing in the Sun
Back from Cali
(Slash cover)
Stone Blind
Double Talkin' Jive
(Guns N’ Roses cover)
(Slash cover)
Doctor Alibi
(Slash cover) (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)
Out Ta Get Me
(Guns N’ Roses cover) (Todd Kerns on lead vocals)
30 Years to Life
Beneath the Savage Sun
Mr. Brownstone
(Guns N’ Roses cover)
Rocket Queen
(Guns N’ Roses cover) (Incl. 15min Slash guitar solo)
Bent to Fly
World on Fire
Sweet Child O' Mine
(Guns N’ Roses cover)
(Velvet Revolver cover) (with "Feel Like Makin' Love" … more)
Paradise City
(Guns N’ Roses cover)

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