Sunday, 7 December 2014

Symphonic Queen - At the Royal Albert Hall

A couple of weeks ago now I went along to see this Symphonic rock tribute to Queen's music at the Royal Albert Hall. I wouldn't normally go to a show like this but I managed to somehow win tickets for this event from work and for a freebie it was a pretty enjoyable evening. The show lasted close to 2 hours with an intermission in between. They London Symphony orchestra played all the famous Queen classics alongside a drummer, bassist and guitarist as well as the Metro singers providing vocal choirs.

The whole arranging and undertaking of the Queen back catalogue probably took a hell of a lot of work and the conductor and arranger should be given special mention for their efforts. I don't feel all of the songs really worked in a symphonic setting but the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody were just superb and other renditions such as Radio Gaga with it's anthemic feel were also great. All in all an enjoyable evening and much different than what I am used to. Since this concert I have bought a ticket to see the real thing with Adam Lambert at the O2. We'll see how that turns out in January.

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