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Thrash Metal list for 2014

It's been a really great year for thrash metal IMO. There has been so many releases that have thoroughly got my head banging. It's actually quite hard to separate many of them but since I've managed to find quite a large number of albums I enjoyed I will at least try and rank the top 25 in reverse order with the others unranked. However a link is provided for every single album ranked or not so plenty to wade through and a few words here and there.

Violent Omen - L.U.N.A.C.Y. - Technically a 2013 release but I never heard it until recently. Would have made last year's list with ease so it goes in this years.

Aggravator - Populace Destructor - simple aggressive thrash -

Axegressor - Last - Sharp and aggressive Finnish thrash -

Chronosphere - Embracing Oblivion - Speedy, helter skelter, outta control Greek thrashers.

Delirium Tremens - Read My Fist - Fast regular thrash for neck damagers the world over.

Executer - Helliday - Very slightly tech thrash with many great riffs.

From Beyond - No More Room In Hell (EP) - Speed speed and more speed for this raspy voiced a maelstrom of riffs.

GumoManiacs - Out Of Disorder - Cool German thrash but not that aggressive or fast.

Hirax - Immortal Legacy - The first Hirax album I have ever liked. Tons of cool riffs and Katon's vox less annoying than I remember.

Skeptor - United We Stand...Together We Fall - First I've heard of this band and it's pretty good slightly melodic thrash with high pitched vocals.

Space Eater - Passing Through The Fire To Molech - Serbian thrash with nice outta control riffs and vocals.

Suffocation Of Soul - The First Attack - SLightly raw Brazillian thrash with manic speed with a lot of high notes and some tech appeal for those that way inclined.

Suicide Watch - The Alienation Zone (EP) - Just a short ep but fun as hell and almost death metal riffing. An easy headbang sesh!

Tyranex - Unable To Tame - Quite melodic in the music with waspish acid drenched vocals.

Violblast - Permanent Hate - Love to hear a full album from these guys they kick ass. Chunky melodic thrash is what they peddle.

Helstar - The Wicked Nest - Not as good as the last album but still makes the list with ease.

Napalm Storm - Harmless Cruelty - A bit raw and vocals too deathly but music is reasonable thrash.

Algebra - Feed The Ego - swiss tech thrash with lots of bass and loads of cool riffage.

Reek - Necrogenesis - Pretty regular thrash with some cool technical riffs here and there.

Nekrost - The Dark Path - Heavy regular thrash with very decent riffs.

Contorsion - Planet Parasite - Slightly melodic thrash with decent simple riffs with shouted vox.

Demon Prayers - Evoke The Pain - Quality thrash from Greece with a shedload of riffs.

Prematory - Corrupting Influence - Fast and groovy thrash with gang vox.

Reactory - High On Radiation - German thrash with super aggressive speed and sound and awesome angry vox. Should be in the top 25 this!

Poligon - Time - Thick and groovy Russian thrash.

Scared To Death - Fatal Destroyer - Ripping thrash from germany. (vid not available here in the uk)

Pripjat - Sons of Tschernobyl - German thrashers with aggressively voiced acid drinking thrash metal.

Tankard - R.I.B - As if it needed saying. Tankard is a German inbstitution. Didn't like the last album but this is more fun.

Hatriot - Dawn Of The New Centurion. Yeah Exodus is missing from this list. Hatriot is better!

Formis - Mental Survival - Pretty technical jumpy thrash.

Mortal Strike - For the Loud and the Aggressive - Austrian aggressive commando thrash.

Deathblow - Prognosis Negative -Speedy roaring slick thrash.

Nuclear Warfare - Just Fucking Thrash - Raw crossover thrash with the typical stoopid thrash feel.

Fadom - Pantophobia. Slick groovy thrash.

Slam Assault - Purification Through Primitive Torture ep - Fun and simple neck wrecking.

Killer Be Killed - st - Fun supergroup with very catchy melodic tunes and not really a thrash album what the hell.

25. Testimony - The Beast That Prays [ep] - Very talented technical thrash with average howled vox. Awesome bass as well. They should make an album and tighten up the production.

24. Strikeback - Share Your Hate - Clinically produced slick melodic Spanish thrash with loads of venom.

23. Guilty As Charged - Leap Of Faith. Strongly aping 90s Metallica but better!

22. Game Over - Burst Into The Quiet - Raw, fast and aggressive quality Italian thrash.

21. Korzus - Legion - Full bodied aggressive and heavy as hell Brazillian band.

20. Tormenter - Prophetic Deceiver - Well executed melodic thrash fury with plenty of class.

19. Die No More - Elected Evil - UK Metallica fanciers with heavy midpaced tunes from circa Black album era.

18. Space Chaser - Watch the Skies - German bay area styled thrash with hyper fast riffs.

17. Face Down Hero - Product Of Injustice - Justice era Metallica styled pounding.

16. Lost Society - Terror Hungry - Return of youngsters from Finland with some raging stoopid thrash metal!

15. Gross Reality - Overthrow - Awesomely riffed up melodic thrash with classy songs.

14. The Hidden - Fearful Symmetry -  A recent discovery but love it. It's totally outta control and the singer is a mentalist yet clinical as well.

13. Dust Bolt - Awake The Riot - Much much better than their first album which bored me. The young Germans up the ante!

12. Nocturnal - Storming Evil - Blackened melodic thrash with tons of awesome riffs.

11. Alkoholizer - Free Beer...Surf's Up!!! - Typical drunkard crossover thrash but with countless amazing riffs.

10. Lethal Vice - Thrash Converters - Groovy and semi technical thrash with a bundle of awesome riffs.

09. Mekong Delta - In A Mirror Darkly - Not big into these original tech masters but this album has class dripping from every pore.

08. Fatal Mutiny - Existence In Extinction - Greek tech thrash with sharp sound and a huge of array riffs that make you wanna sweat blood!

07. Envenomed - Evil Unseen - Polished melodic thrash with groovy riffs and full on melodic vocals.

06. Revocation - Deathless - Is it death? Is it thrash? More thrash I say. Riffs slayed on this!

05. Arcania - Dreams Are Dead - Proggy melodic thrash with shouted slightly clean vox and a whole heap of cool ideas. Very interesting listen

04. Shrapnel - The Virus Conspires - One of the best new UK thrash bands with full rage and riffs to turn your ears to mush!

03. Alitor - Eternal Depression - Serbian tech thrash aping Death somewhat here and there but with wickedly cacthy riffs all over the shop.

02. Suicidal Angels - Divide and Conquer - My favourite thrash band in the world today. Greek Slayer fanciers are mercilessly awesome and this isn't even their best album.

01. Exmortus - Slave to the Sword - Not actually a full on thrash album but what I would call a neo-classical shredthrash hybrid with raspy vocals. This band blew me away at the start of the year and I've decided to call them my number one based on the number of plays alone. The production on this thing is bloody huge but the riffs, shredding and general mayhem is unsurpassed as well. Love to catch them live one day!

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