Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hammerfall Live at the Islington Academy

The gig that almost wasn't! Well for me in any case. I had a hell of a day trying to get there as the tube conspired against me in every form possible. I finally managed to get there but I missed Neonfly completely and saw most of Skarlett Riot whom unfortunately I didn't like. I was disappointed to miss Neonfly as they are a great band and have released their best album yet last year. Next time!

Skarlett Riot are a modern melodic metal band with a girl singer. Reasonably catchy tunes but out of place for a support act to a band like Hammerfall and it was hard for them to get a great response from the true metalheads although everyone was polite and there were no catcalls from what I heard.

An early curfew for a Saturday night gig meant the show was supposed to start at 8 sharp but they started about 8.10pm so no biggie. Let's get the true metal party started with anthem after anthem of true melodic heavy metal and new song Hector's Hymn didn't disappoint. The band has a new drummer in the ranks and he didn't miss a beat of course. The band sounded super tight and the Academy had a real punchy and solid sound mix. Very similar actually to the records. The band started well with energy and lots of smiles and the rather packed floor was soon bobbing along. Unlike for Sonata a week ago, a mosh pit even started on the faster and heavier numbers and continued for most of the night. It was probably just boisterous moshing at best and nothing violent or thrash like with bodies flying every where or circle pits or out of place bullshit like that.

Joacim goaded the crowd like the veteran front man that he is and had us eating out of his hand all night. I still enjoy the Legacy of Kings material most of all when it comes to Hammerfall. Hence Let the Hammer Fall and Heeding the Call gaining a big reaction from the assembled true metal warriors. They played a medley of their own tracks which was quite cool as well. The main set ended with their namesake song Hammerfall sung by all and of course ended with their night with the anthemic Hearts on Fire. To be honest the set was a little mixed and could have been better. I would have actually preferred more new tunes to be honest as (r)Evolution is an awesome album. Live LIfe Loud from the new album was fantastic and I would have loved to have heard Origins from the newie as well. Still Hammerfall are true pros at the metal game and deliver the goods with smiles and plenty of style so you won't get bored at a Hammerfall gig that's for sure!

Hector's Hymn
Any Means Necessary
Blood Bound
Heeding the Call
Let the Hammer Fall
Live Life Loud
400 Meter Medley
(Medley with parts of Genocide, Hero's Return, The Dragon Lies Bleeding and Riders of the Storm)
Raise the Hammer
Last Man Standing
Glory to the Brave
We Won't Back Down

Templars of Steel
Hearts on Fire

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