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Toto - Live at the Hammersmith Apollo 26th May 2015

Well I can never claim to be the biggest Toto fan the world's ever seen but who can say they don't love the classic hits of these old timer legends of the rock game? When I read that they would be playing the Hammy Apollo I nabbed a ticket for said show although the ticket price was of course not cheap but this was the first time for me with these old codgers so I begrudgingly paid up my cash and waited for showtime.

The show was billed as an Evening with Toto and no support was listed which was ok by me as we get to see and hear more Toto for our money. What can I say about these guys as an opening statement. They were bloody superb! I didn't expect to enjoy the gig this much but they were truly awesome at times and played with so much conviction and style. The new album has taken time to reveal it's charms to me but it's getting there and I'm starting to love many of the songs now and hearing them live as well has helped no end. I've since gone back to the album in the days after this gig and I have a whole new appreciation for the songs that I heard live. Some of the jazzy parts to the songs still don't resonate with me but the melodies really are superbly crafted.

Hearing the band live in all their pomp and glory was a spectacular sight as the curtain fell and the band launched into Running out of time from the new album, a song I've grown to love with repeated plays. The band played a mix between old and new and I must admit I did not fully recognise some older songs as a result. All the new tunes played went down superbly well with the crowd. I loved Orphan and especially the awesome progressive track Great Expectations from the new CD. Of course no Toto gig is complete without the big three, you know the ones, ok I'll spell it out - Hold The Line, Rosanna and set closer Africa, and all were played and sang to perfection by Joseph Williams. Steve Lukather of course sang a couple of songs with help from the crowd as he was suffering a bad cold and his voice was failing him somewhat but he did ok. On his guitar, he was in shit hot form and played up a storm including a blistering lead solo section doing Hendrix's Little Wing.

On bass was their old bassist David Hungate whose bass was actually on a stand as his back couldn't take carrying a guitar for more than two hours bless him. The guy played well though. For me the star of the show though was definitely lead singer Joseph Williams. the guy was flawless throughout and nailed every note. His voice was pitch perfect and went high and low as the song needed with effortless ease. A commanding performance by the man really.

At the end of a two and a quarter hour set the band were greeted like Gods by the crowd and left with huge cheers ringing in their ears. They put on a great show with all members playing and singing their hearts out.

I can't say if I would ever go and see Toto again should they come this was again but I'm glad I saw them this time and it was well worth the money in the end to see these legends still going and strong and delivering what their fans expect and want.

Running Out of Time
I'll Supply the Love
Stranger in Town
I Won't Hold You Back
Holy War
Hold the Line
Takin' It Back
Bottom of Your Soul
Caught in the Balance
Without Your Love
Little Wing
(The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
The Road Goes On
Great Expectations

On the Run
Child's Anthem
Goodbye Elenore

Encore 2:
The Muse
White Sister

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