Saturday, 11 June 2016

Foreigner - Live at the Palladium

Easily the best of the 3 gigs I saw in a few days! Foreigner were on top form especially lead vocalist, Kelly Hansen. The guy has a phenomenal voice and used it to its maximum to deliver every Foreigner classic at its best.

John Parr was supposed to be the support but he was ill I guess. Deborah Bonham stepped in ad did a good job. It's not my style of music but I couldn't fault her voice and performance. Better than what's in the charts by miles and a lush vocal performance.

Lots of older folk in the Palladium and I was one of the younger people unlike at the Hands Like Houses gig! Either way the band was on fire with a perfect sound almost immediately from the word go. Mick Jones is getting on a bit and does not move around as much as the other guys. The musicians in Foreigner these days are all A standard musos and play the songs effortlessly and tighter than the proverbial gnat's snatch.

It's hard to pick out faves in the setlist but I must admit I am a bit tired of the two ballads but I don't think it's possible for the band to omit them this late in their career. The other songs were all perfectly played. Strangely enough I really enjoyed the acoustic Say You Will a lot. Other songs I liked are Urgent, Juke Box Hero and all of them basically.

The band was faultless. Kelly Hansen had the crowd eating out of his hand but his language was a bit blue..I'm not sure the hallowed atmosphere of the Palladium has ever heard the word "motherfucker" uttered before!

Highly recommended to catch these old timers before they finally hang it up when Mick Jones can't walk any more!

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