Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rock on the Green fest with Tarja and Amaranthe

This fest was initially billed for the Saturday but was moved to the Sunday. Unfortunately the venue booked was vastly undersold. Booking the 2000+ Forum and then getting barely 500 people in there was obviously not a financially sound move. The problem was the bill was just not up to scratch. You need a bigger draw plus this little fest was set around the time of many other gigs and fests and I'm sure that had a detrimental effect on the turnout.

I didn't even bother turning up for the first three bands. Well I did catch a few songs from Octanic who were boring. I missed the first two bands completely.

I wanted to see Amaranthe most of all as I've never seen them. Their hour long set was pretty enjoyable and the band sounded pretty heavy despite having only one guitarist. The melodies are still very strong and melodic. Elize is the star of the band of course most eyes are on her as she belts out the melodies. I'm sure the band were disappointed at the piss-poor turnout but they didn't let it show and put in a solid hour long performance.

Tarja's band is a bunch of guys I've never actually heard of even though she did introduce them. In any case Tarja's fans were here to see the gal herself do her solo thing. I must admit I'm not a fan of her solo material though I do like her a lot in Nightwish. She actually sang very well and her band sounded pretty heavy too. She played just over and hour before this disappointing one day fest came to an end. Next time book better bands!

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