Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hands Like Houses Live

Starting off my 3 gigs in 5 days with the Aussie modern rockers Hands Like Houses. I discovered this band this year with their new album Dissonants. This sort of modern almost emo style of modern rock is not normally my thing but I fell in love with this album after a few plays. Their sense of melody is really quite engrossing.

The bill was fleshed out with 3 more bands unfortunately I didn't like any of them. They were all of the modern variety and similar to HLH but just totally not up to that level so I won't even waste time talking about them.

HLH were pretty good and played all the new songs I liked from their latest long player and the crowd seemed to really love them and sing every lyric back at the singer. This crowd is totally different from the crowds I usually see with the same old metal faces. I was easily one of the oldest people there. There were lots of pretty young people there, something I definitely can't claim to be.

I enjoyed the gig overall but I won't go and see them again now I've seen them once.

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