Saturday, 12 November 2016

Amon Amarth with Testament and Grand Magus @ the Roundhouse

Not often you get a bill with only great bands so this was a night to be savoured. Walking into the Roundhouse you're immediately impressed with the massive dome and the great looking venue and stage. It was only a quarter full for Grand Magus as they took to the stage but slowly filled out more by the end of their set. GM are a great band in their own right and have great battle anthems in their own right and got a great response from those who left the bar to see them. The volume was a bi loud and the sound a bit too drum heavy for my liking but my ears soon adjusted to their sound and I started enjoying their Manowaresque battle hymns. Varangian Way especially from the new album got my fist raised! A very good opening slot by the Swedish warriors.

Next up were thrash legends Testament whom I had seen a few months back at the Brooklyn Bowl. They were even better on this night although the sound was again a little unclear for my ears but I soon adjusted. the new songs from Brotherhood of the Snake especially sounded very good but the pits start up for the classics, The New Order, Disciples and the self explanatory Into The Pit. You can't beat Testament for killer classic thrash and with Chuck Billy in roaring form, he had the crowd worked up to a frenzy, ready for the Vikings to follow.

I have seen AA a few times now and I was toying with the idea of missing this gig but that would've turned out to be a massive mistake. They sounded on their absolute best form! It was definitely not to be missed indeed as the band turned in a superb performance. This band is a melodic, neck breaking riff machine I tell ya. People just love the fist pumping melodic grooves. Yo can set your watch by the next magical riff as surely the occur on a regular basis. It's hard to pick out best songs as the whole set was excellent and the stage was epic too. AA are one of those bands that appeal to literally all types of metalheads be they a power or black or thrash fan. Anyone can get into AA pure and simple and they aced it on this particular night!

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