Saturday, 12 November 2016

Annihilator - Live at the Islington Academy

The first of 3 gigs in a few days. A good start to a good few days of live music. First up were Aussies Mason and their ripping thrash. They were good but I think I enjoyed them more when I heard their previous CD than live. Still look forward to the new album, should rip. A good warm up for Annihilator.

Saw them not long ago in the same venue, but unfortunately the turn out was a little less than before. Still there were a lot of gigs as Jeff himself remarked from the stage. We had the Amon Amarth/Testament gig and the Saxon the day after. Saw Annihilator started it all off with some sleek thrash. I'm still not sold on Jeff's live vocals. They sound a bit weak but I guess it's not that big a deal. Musically his multinational band are very tight. They play a mix of songs as usual. The best will always be Alison Hell. It's just awesome hehe and never fails to illicit a reaction from the die hard fans. A good but not great gig.

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