Saturday, 12 November 2016

Graham Bonnet Band live at the Boston Music Room

Having missed the Saxon gig in Shepherds Bush for various reasons, my triumvirate of gigs was completed by Graham Bonnet Band at the Tufnell Park venue. Unfortunately for Graham and co only about 50-60 people bothered to turn up. Much less than the last time he played at the Islington Academy 2.

Two support bands played. One called Void from Wales who were actually not bad at all. They played standard rock with some decent melody here and there. I'll have to check more of them someday.

First support were Chrome Molly. A bunch of old guys doing 80s pub rock. I've heard their music before and it never grasped me. It's catchy in a sense that the choruses are quite big and memorable but nothing is really great at all. They were ok but not my cuppa really.

Finally Graham and his band took to the stage and I think their disappointment showed in the piss poor turn out. Luckily they still play good and Graham sings ok. I say only ok because he still has plenty of shaky moments and difficulty with the higher notes. He also sweats up a storm and drinks profusely. Can't blame the man he is nearly 70! Anyway the band sounds really good and Graham sings the songs well, but there's a slight air of going through the motions about things.

They play a couple of new tunes which are actually rather good as is the whole of the new CD. Graham sounds fine on recorded output but live singing brings more difficulties but I don't think he should retire completely. Maybe he needs to sing the songs in a slightly lower register so it sounds a bit more comfortable for him and the listener. The band played for around 80 minutes with plenty of classics from throughout his career. The band left and though there were half hearted cheers for an encore they didn't return and I don't blame them. It's always sad to see a semi-legend and former well known rock singer performing to 50-60 people in a pub but Graham tried his best and was still jovial if not doubt disappointed. As he pointed out "There must be something on the telly tonight!"

Till the next time Graham, we'll enjoy the new album, The Book, it's good!

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