Wednesday, 12 December 2007

No Manics for moi...

To be honest I didn't really fancy it. A guy on Gumtree wanted to swap his 2 Wednesday tickets for 2 Tuesday night ones. Well I managed to persuade him to give me £30 for my two and he could keep his Wednesday ones and try and flogg'em to someone else. Good deal for me as I only just paid £21 for my tickets from ebay and they only arrived in the morning. I made £9 and got out of seeing those dreary Welsh bastards hehe! Very busy day yesterday as well, trying to sort out references for some agency work I am about to start. It proved a bit of a headache indeed!

I am now bidding on Status Quo tickets at Wembley Arena on Saturday night! I also tried hard for Kaiser Chiefs tickets at Earl's Court but I kept getting pipped at the post for those. Not that I like Quo or the Chiefs much but hey I could always try and get a profit by selling them on or even GO!!

I am high bid on Quo tickets at the mo, but I highly doubt I can bid high enough to win. We will see by the end of tonight.

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