Saturday, 8 December 2007

Top 50 recommended melodic metal albums for 2007

Well it's a bit early but I doubt I will change my list now, so here it goes. The definitive list in reverse order:

50. Intense - As Our Army Grows – UK melodic power metal. Decent.
49. Hellfueled - Memories in Black – Ozzy worship. Fun.
48. Godiva – Destruction. Much heavier and better from Spanish guys.
47. Redemption - The origins of ruin. Quality prog. Would be higher if I was more into prog stuff.
46. Nostradameus – Pathway. Their heaviest and best album yet.
45. David Readman – st. PC69 man makes great solo album.
44. Symphony X – Paradise Lost. Not that great as some people say but very heavy.
43. Dark Moor – Tarot. Quality melodic power with good symphonic parts and better than Rhapsody as much as it pains me to say it.
42. Masterplan - MK II. Solid album with new singer. Good melodies.
41. Glory Opera – Equilibrium. Quality Angra worship but more prog and showy.
40. Mind's eye - A Gentleman's Hurricane. Amazing song-based prog rock with great playing.
39. Twilight_Guardians - Ghost Reborn. Catchy melodic power. Cool songs.
38. Messiah's kiss – Dragonheart. Heavy metal with Dio-esque vox. Cool shit.
37. Freedom Call – Dimensions. Happy melodic power, perhaps their heaviest one.
36. Insania Stockholm - Agony: Gift Of Life. Helloween worship but pretty cool and enjoyable in my book.
35. Volbeat - Rock the rebel metal the devil. Very catchy elvis metal.
34. Paragon - Forgotten Prophecies. Heavy power metal as expected. Hammers it home.
33. Threshold - Dead Reckoning. Melodic song based prog metal with cool vox.
32. Sturm Und Drang - Learning To Rock. Young boys doing an amazing job of making catchy melodic metal.
31. Andre Matos - Time To Be Free. To be honest an amazing effort from the ex Shaman/Angra dude.
30. Axxis - Doom of Destiny. Surprisingly great effort and their heaviest and best for me.
29. Keldian - Heaven's Gate. Catchy melodic aor/power with high anthemic vocals.
28. Domine - Ancient Spirit Rising. Epic and melodic power with a more sedate feel.
27. Steel Assassin - War of the Eight Saints. Catchy old school US styled metal with great vocals and epic songs.
26. Olympos Mons – Medievil. Typical catchy melodic power. Some real amazingly catchy tunes amongst them.
25. Bloodbound - Book Of The Dead. Worn off a little but still some great tunes.
24. The Ladder – Sacred. I love Steve Overland so anything he sings on I’m there. No less this!
23. Scariot - Momentum Shift. Technical thrashy power with chunky sound and nice melodic riffing.
22. Silent Force - Walk The Earth. Catchy melodic power with DC Cooper doing the business large stylee.
21. Circus Maximus – Isolate. Epic power/prog goodness. Very free flowing and melodic as expected.
20. Pantheon - Empire of Madness. Catchy and light melodic power with Klaus Meine like vox. Fun stuff.
19. Gamma Ray-Land Of The Free II. Solid offering from Kai but the boys in Helloween got him beat!
18. Astral Doors - New Revelation. Another solid album but this year no top ten for them.
17. Candlemass - King Of The Grey Islands. Grew on me big time. Some amazing songs.
16. DGM - Different Shapes. Masterful prog/power goodness from Italy. ‘A’ level musicianship.
15. Manowar - Gods of War. Love most of it, fillers in all. Epic and melodic.
14. Empire - Chasing Shadows. Dougie wins the day. Great vocals and 5-6 standout tunes
13. King Diamond - Give Me Your Soul... Please. Love da King. Solid tunes all the way.
12. Galneryus - One for all, all for one. Surprise high entry for Japs. Quality melodic power despite dodgy vox but even he can’t ruin it!
11. Scorpions - Humanity Hour I.. Their best album in an age. Never been into them anyway so I would say this is their best album ever.
10. Cage - Hell Destroyer. Quality epic true heavy metal. Great vocals and an epic story. Cool as hell power metal with darkness and melody in spades.
09. Megadeth - United Abominations. The most thrashy Dave has sounded since Rust in peace. Sure some songs are less good, but I feel the quality is pretty high all the way. Love the sound as well, thanks to Andy Sneap for producing this and not some other dude.
08. Primal Fear - New Religion. Maybe one of the best albums of their career. They have added euro goth elements to the sound and this makes it sound much fresher, but when they are doing the METAL thing they are still damn heavy but also very melodic and catchy.
07. Shadowland – Falling. Unknown band out of Sweden with a great release. Melodic metal with huge anthemic choruses and some melodies to die for. Great high vocals as well with a great tone.
06. Mystic Prophecy - Satanic Curses. Heavy as hell and consistent power metal.
05. Powerwolf - Lupus Dei. Super souped up melodic power metal with great vocals.
04. Rob Rock - Garden of Chaos. A top class power metal disk with a huge voice.
03. Vision Divine - The 25th Hour. Amazingly catchy disk with great vocals from Mr.Luppi!
02. Alter Bridge – Blackbird. A totally stunning modern rock release.
01. Helloween - Gambling with the devil. Possibly the best Helloween album ever and I think I might like it more than The Dark Ride my previous favourite.

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