Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Skindred - Roots Rock Riot

How about something different?

I have been a reggae fan for a long time, way before I got into metal. I used to love the feel of reggae and the way the beats crawled along at such a sedate pace. Skindred mixes ska, reggae, punk and metal to create something fused with incredible energy that hooks you right in. I never got into Benji's previous album with Skindred, Babylon. But I love reggae toasting a beats and rhythms and when mixed with punky metal riffs it sounds pretty damn cool. P.O.D. did a track like this on their last CD called Roots in stereo which I loved also. Well Skindred do it for a whole album's length but there is so much melody and groove in this beast. It will get you involuntarily twitching this stuff believe me!

The band sounds like a mix of SOAD, Disturbed, Soulfly, Sum 41, The Specials(two tone ska band) and Shaggy!!

The previous album as too raw but the new one is way more polished and miles better in terms of quality and production. It is seriously damn catchy. It has been ruling my death deck all goddamn week! The riffs are so infectious and melodic whilst front man and toastmaster Benji's vocalisations are superb. Mixing dub reggae toast jams with super smooth melodic refrains and some David Dramain-like aggressive vocal acrobatics. This shit will be insane live! I will definitely catch these guys live next time they play locally. It's gonna be an absolute riot of that there is no doubt.

Best songs:
Roots rock riot. Amazingly catchy thrash reggae song and a riot indeed. Live it will be incendiary.
Alright. Super melodic reggae rock ditty.
State of Emergency. Yet another, madly catching, infuriatingly memorable tune.
Destroy the Dance floor. Another thrashy faster riffy number with superb vocals and truly addictive. I can just imagine the moshpits during this one.
Rudeboy for life. Starts off kinda lame witha casio keyboard and then explodes into a totally incredible chorus that you will be singing along with in seconds. Monstrously catchy!
Killing me - Least reggae influenced track. Just a great melodic rock track with a super smooth vocal delivery from Benji.
Cause Ah Riot - does exactly what the title says! Explodes into a huge reggae dub mixed with nu-metal ala Soulfly. If this doesn't get you moving you must be dead! Amazingly catchy track again!

go and try this with an open mind and believe me you will be hooked!

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