Sunday, 2 December 2007

Toto - Falling in Between Live 2CD

Bang goes my metal credibility! here I am praising a Toto album.

This new live platter from the legends of AOR is really something else. The sound is literally unbelievable and the performances are just superb. I will hold back from getting the live album and wait for the DVD release which is due sometime early in 2008.

But this double live cd is a must for all fans of Toto and anybody who likes amazingly catchy songs with great musicianship. I think it's the new songs which appeal most to me so far and of course the classics from the IV album.

Toto are just a great and legendary band. I don't like all their music, but they have such timeless songs that anyone can enjoy regardless of what music you actually like.

Hurry up and get that DVD released!

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