Monday, 30 March 2009

British Steel Festival

This coming Saturday sees the renewal of the British Steel Festival with five NWOBHM bands once again donning leather and spikes whilst getting ready for battle @ the Underworld. At the moment I am mulling over whether I should attend or not. Might be quite fun to see Cloven Hoof at least if nothing else with their absolutely awesome and legendary vocalist Russ North. The full line up is Cloven Hoof + Attacker + Elixir + Bitches Sin + Celtic Legacy.

Might end up going but I'm not that excited by it to be honest, but the rest of the month is a bit barren as far as live entertainment is concerned so I might have to make the most of this show. I will see over the coming days.

Some songs I'm currently enjoying the hell out of:

Celesty - Like Warriors. What a huge anthemic melodic battle song.

Tyr- Hold the Heathen Hammer High. Another great epic battle metal song from their forthcoming CD. The way he sings the chorus superfast is just extremely cool to me. Salivating impatiently for this one! You can hear @

Dark Moor - For Her. A totally brilliant melodic power song with a wonderful chorus.

Hammerfall - Any Means Necessary. This song is getting under my skin. I'm sure I'll be sick of it sooner or later though. That chorus is really hard to shake off.

Impellitteri - Eyes of an Angel. The catchiest, most radio friendly song on the new Imp disk.

Place Vendome - Streets of Fire and Dancer. Two songs from this band but it could literally be any of them to be perfectly honest. Dancer particular has been doing it for me.

Wetton Downes - Don't Go Out Tonight. The Asia mainstays latest ICON disk sees them pen some cool tunes and none better than this one which could have come off the debut Asia CD.

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