Thursday, 26 March 2009

Special Testament Show

After a 7 week trek across Europe as second support on the Priest Feast, the Testament boys finally arrived at the Islington Academy to end their run with a special one off performance which would include both The Legacy and The New Order back to back as a treat for the old schoolers out there.

The support band was Sylosis. They are shit hot players but the metalcore posturing and screaming vox probably irked quite a few of the assembled throng. They can surely damn play though and that's a fact. The singer tried hard to get a pit going to no avail. Better luck at your own gig guys, this crowd was only here for the main course.

At 9 o'clock the stage was finally ready and the guys took to the stage to rock out first The Legacy. The sound was pretty good and sharp, with the band on good form even though this was the last night of the tour. Chuck sounded good and the songs from the debut were great and enjoyable especially the massively catchy Alone in the Dark.

The New Order is perhaps my fave Testament album of all as it features many killer thrash tunes. Hard to name a fave but of course Disciples of the Watch is the thrash song to end all thrash songs.

The rabid, mad and heavily packed Islington Academy was soon chanting the boys back on for an encore which I only heard the opening Rapid Fire clip from Priest and then I left at the start of More Than Meets the Eye from the new CD having had my history lesson in killer thrash firmly engraved n my brain. Testament Rules!

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