Friday, 13 March 2009

Hardcore Superstar gig

Went to this glam show last night. Never seen so much female flesh on show at a gig before. It was like the proverbial Cattle Market!!

Didn't really like Heaven's Basement. Tigertaliz were absolutely horrendous and did my head in. Hardcore Superstar rocked hard but still it didn't move me like it did the first time seeing them 14 months ago. I ain't no glam fan and I stood out like a sore thumb but damn HS know how to rock and it was worth seeing them again at least. Second time seeing them at ULU now and this time they played some new songs which sounded pretty cool. Rather cool night of glam and sleaze with loads of eye candy about - what an old perv I must sound like!

I decided not to go to Volbeat tomorrow even though I bought a ticket. I gave the ticket to a friend for a beer or two next time. Can't be arsed for Volbeat although I really like them but I've seen them once and can live without another look for now and anyway next wednesday I have the orgasmic H.e.a.t!! Can't really wait for that.

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