Saturday, 28 March 2009

Stuff I'm diggin'

Well what's been getting serious airplay on the old death deck you ask? Well a bunch of different stuff. Heard some nice albums lately with high quality musicianship and great vocals. I have been waiting an age for the Hardline to drop and it finally did and it sure as hell doesn't dissapoint. Johnny Gioeli is one of my favourite singers of all time and I loved his voice on the first Hardline disk and continued to love it on subsequent Axel Rudi Pell disks and the 2nd Hardline and now finally they got their asses into gear and made the long awaited 3rd Hardline disk. This one is a little bit more introspective than the previous rocking goodtime debut effort, but to hear Mr. Gioeli busting out super cool melodies once again is a joy to be hold.

Next is a great melodic no-classical power shred disk by the underrated band Domain and their latest CD, The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow. They used to be quite happy and more AORish but now they have entered full neo-classical shred territories and they are doing a damn good job. The full on and super clean production job helps the band immensely, plus their new singer has a great set of pipes. Add to that a nice batch of tunes and you have a great album on your hands for melodic metal followers who favour bands such as Royal Hunt.

I finally bought Dark Moor's Autumnal and Place Vendome's Streets of Fire. Love those 2 disks. Also got the new Napalm Death CD as well as Ignominious Incarceration's CD which is a killer slab of melodic and technical death as well as a couple of DVDs - Maiden's Death on the Road and the first Volume of Manowar's Magic Circle Festival show. Next on the purchase list must be Impellitteri and DGM when they are finally released.

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