Thursday, 19 March 2009

H.E.A.T L.I.V.E!!

I could write the whole review with dots in between the words but I'm sure that would drive my immensly large readership completely nuts so I'll refrain! Any how I had been eagerly awaiting this show for a few weeks now and I wasn't dissapointed one bit. What a great band this Heat mob are really. Spellbinding us with their magical catchy tunes for AOR lovers everywhere and live they are even more of a great proposition than on record but more on them in a second.

First we had two supports of which I knew about Lost Weekend but had no idea about Godsized who were a bit of an odd band to choose as support being much much heavier than the two bands above them but they actually were really cool. They definitely had some nice riffing going at times. Very heavy groovy and melodic. The bearded caveman looking frontman actually had a cool voice and also pulled out some blistering melodic solos. Not bad.

Next up were Lost Weekend who I am not a big fan of to be honest and they didn't really win me over live either. They have some pleasant toe tappers but something about them just doesn't excite me in anyway. The sound of the band is rather average to my ears although I must admit the singer grew me on a bit although he did look like Mel Smith!!! Forgive me! They were ok but the rather small crowd was here only for Heat and at just gone 9.30pm they finally took to the stage and knocked our socks off. Little Kenny is just a great and exciting frontman. He sounded genuinely happy for the band to be playing for us on their debut UK mini tour and thanked the crowd many times calling us the real 'rock stars' and not the actual band.

The band is now tighter than a nun's whatsit after continuous touring and gigging in and around Europe and they just cannot fail to light up the dreariest night with these glorious melodic anthems. Their energy is just infectious and with songs like these in your arsenal you just can't really go wrong can you. The highlights were..well all of it to be honest. I can hardly pick a fave tune but I guess I love Cry as much as the next man or lass and Keep on Dreaming never fails does it. They played more or less all of their album and finished with an encore of Journey's Seperate Ways which was incendiary and loaded with dynamite playing and singing. What else can I say about H.E.A.T? These guys are just something else. It's all about the songwriting with these guys and the pure energy coming off from the stage. In reality they should be huge huge stars and the 150-200 crowd in the Underworld doesn't do them justice by any stretch. In another era these guys would have been massive stadium touring megastars.

Even so we should still treasure them now and thank them for bringing this fantastic music in such not so joyous times. I look forward to their follow up CD and to see them live again. What a great band!

Keep on Dreaming video

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