Friday, 6 March 2009

What's rocking my world

I've heard some great new albums of late. I am so easy to please. Firstly the new album from Italian Prog-Power merchants DGM has leaked and is just a phenomenal album. My first listen went so amazingly well. This album just amazes me from start to finish. I look forward to many many more spins of this masterpiece. Well done to the eye-ties!

Next on the death deck is one I've been waiting an age for an finally it is here. The new Impellitteri disk is a HUGE disk! It meets all my expectations and then some. This man Mr. Impellitteri is something else on the guitar and he just blows away the competition away when it comes to guitar olympics. With Rob Rock back on vocals, the band just sounds so energised and refreshed. The riffs come thundering out of the speakers and hit you like a ton of bricks with lightning fast note picking from Impellitteri and Rob Rock soars away on top. This is just a fantastic record that meets my every expectation.

Justin Hawkins' new outfit Hot Leg is pretty fun. Great mix between ACDC, Queen and Southern Boogie rock. A lot of people are gonna hate this but quite a few are gonna love it. I think this is a pretty cool album and worth a few more plays to reveal more of it's charms. Enjoyable!

Next gig is the Swedish street glam metal band, Hardcore Superstar at the ULU next Thursday. Seen them last year at the same venue and it's time for a repeat dose they were so much fun. Then after that next Saturday it's the Elvis metal crew AKA Volbeat. Rock n' Roll!

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